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  1. Steps to Build a Link Wheel

Link Wheels for Traffic

Link wheels are a distributed set of web sites that simulate natural cross linking between "hub" sites which point to a target site (and sometimes each other) that is geared towards making money.

  1. Write a squidoo lens about your topic, then link it back to your web site
  2. Write an article about the topic and submit it to article directories, be sure to include a link back to your squidoo lens site
  3. Create a hubpage about the topic, and link it to the article in the previous step
  4. Create a Google Knol about your topic and include a link to your hubpage in the previous step
  5. Make a one page blogger blog and link it to Google Knol, you can use the same blog to link back to other wheels.
  6. At this point you can either close it by linking your site back to your blogger page, or leave it open. Traffic should improve in the next week or two.

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