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Search Engine Optimization Tools

There are several tools available to you on the Internet to assist you in determining where you rank for particular phrases, what your domain(s) Google PageRank is, and how many incoming links you have.


There are several ways to find out if your site has been indexed by Google. The first is to search using ( You can also find out how many backlinks you have by searching ( To search your site, you can limit a google site to your domain by using (

PageRank Report

You can find out your Google pagerank by installing the Google toolbar for Internet Explorer, or you can enter up to 10 web sites to retrieve Google PageRank (

Ranking Report

(looking for some good ranking reports).

Total Pages Indexed Report

For google, you can search " (" to see the total number of pages indexed on this site by Google, currently 583 at the time of this edit.

You can find many tools to check your backlink situation in different search engines. Be careful to not step in the following traps: 1. Don't take the amount of backlinks a domain has as the only indicator for good ranking. Like often said above there are many more parameters. 2. For some reason the results in different backlink-check tools may vary. So please don't believe in the results the first tool gives you.

A webmaster should keep in mind that the results of any Link Popularity Report are just giving a indication. They give you a clue how your website competes.

Try one of the following link popularity checkers:

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